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Awakenings: And the music goes on…American Pie

on February 3, 2014

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This Day in History: February 3, 1959

The Day the Music Died” What a fitting phrase to such an American tragedy. Yet, in the aftermath, the music lives on, immortalized in our hearts, in our minds, on the radio, in film, on record, video and CD.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

While their careers were only beginning, their legacy is everlasting in a hall of fame honoring the era of rock and roll.

American Classics! May this music never die! 

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5 responses to “Awakenings: And the music goes on…American Pie

  1. My parents remember clearly when that happened. It was such a shock to everyone. Fortunately, their music lives on, as it should.

  2. I did a post with American Pie a couple of weeks ago. I do love the song. Buddy Holly’s death was before I was old enough to be paying attention to such things. I wonder how much music might have changed had he lived?

  3. bldodson says:

    I think Holly was as good as Elvis . . . less showy. Most would disagree I suppose.

  4. Raani York says:

    I have to admit – this was a little bit before my time – but I heard about the day of course and I listened to some of their music… I understand… so much talent passed away at once….

  5. Elaine says:

    Oh I remember that day so well though I didn’t understand a lot of the significance of it at my then young age of almost 13.

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