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Awakenings: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

on August 12, 2014

History in the Making: August 12, 2014

If Henny Penny, aka Chicken Little were to look upon the night sky at a time when a meteor shower is occurring, he/she would surely declare, “The sky is falling!” Well, Henny Penny is not around but a meteor shower is definitely in the picture!

Grab a lawn chair and set it up for a spectacular starry, starry night show but first check your weather! Hopefully, the weather gods are smiling in your area. The annual Perseids meteor shower is set to peak in the skies over Earth tonight as 30-40 (some sources report 100) shooting stars (meteors) an hour are expected to streak across the night sky, and continue for several days.


Check out the Perseid Visibility Map! The Perseids will be visible any time after dark but peak viewing will be August 13, 3-4 am local time. This will be true any place in the world.

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3 responses to “Awakenings: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  1. These are the times when living in the woods puts us at a serious disadvantage. There is not sky. There are only trees.

  2. Micki Peluso says:

    That figures–it’s poring rain here.

  3. bldodson says:

    Thanks! I will watch for it.

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