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Awakenings: Delaware: Breathtaking Vistas

on December 7, 2014

This Day in History: December 7, 1787

Delaware,The First State; The Diamond State; Blue Hen State; Small Wonder

State Motto: “Liberty and Independence”


Delaware was the 1st of the 13 original states to ratify the United States Constitution on December 7, 1787. Prior to that date, it was the only colony to be claimed by Sweden, Holland and England. There is some even earlier evidence that Egyptian explorers found their way to the state. Today, Delaware has become a farming and industrial state. At one time the center of this country’s flour industry, it is today the leading producer of chemicals in the United States and, because of its corporate laws, more corporations are headquartered in Delaware than in any other state. The capital of Delaware is Dover.


A Bit of Trivia…Delaware was the home of the first American beauty pageant. The first bathing beauty pageant in which contestants competed for the title of “Miss United States”, a predecessor of the Miss America pageant, took place in Rehoboth Beach in 1880 as a way to attract business during its summer festival. Inventor Thomas Edison was one of the three judges of the beauty contest. It was not until the 20th century when beauty pageants began to become a regular occurrence.

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3 responses to “Awakenings: Delaware: Breathtaking Vistas

  1. Raani York says:

    One of the states that reminds me of Switzerland a tiny little bit… not only because of its size. 🙂

  2. In what part of Delaware was the picture taken? I used to live in Delaware, near New Castle–just south of Wilmington.

  3. Micki Peluso says:

    I’ve traveled through Delaware a few times-it’s a lovely state. I usually went alone the coastline and the beaches are gorgeous. Sharla,if you’re not getting my blog notices, here’s my link. You’ve missed a few good ones..

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