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Awakenings: Lookin’ Back to Plan Ahead plus more to come!

on February 1, 2016

There is MORE to February than just Valentine’s Day…

Welcome to month #2 of 2016! While Valentine’s Day is at the top of the list for celebration this month, something is happenin’ and being celebrated on a daily basis! Lookin’ back, What’s Happenin’ kept you updated on funny days, weird holidays, foodie fun and celebrations during the month of February in 2014. The date of ‘holidays’ designated as specific days of the week change each year but the celebrations themselves do not change providing choices on what to celebrate or not.

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Many of the past celebrations will remain relatively the same while others will change according to the times, i.e., Superbowl Sunday, which this year falls on February 7. So, even though you have a chance to look back to plan ahead, be sure to stop by daily for the accurate and possible new celebrations.

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