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Awakenings: Superbowl Commercials

on February 2, 2016

What makes a good commercial? or should the question be What makes a commercial good? Apparently that is a tough question either way you word it since too many commercials are absolutely stupid. What is really sad is in all their stupidity one thing stands out…you remember it! UGH! Maybe that is the point. The stupider the ad the more it is talked about! Hello! 

As far as grading commercials is concerned, some of the best and the worst come from advertisements on Superbowl Sunday. So, in preparation for the upcoming spectacular, let’s begin by revisiting some of the ads from previous Super Bowl years and sneak a peak into those slated for 2016. 

Four steps back in time, one step into the future…

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For 2016, each of the companies paid CBS a minimum of 5 million bucks per 30 seconds of precious air time. Eager to promote their goods before an audience of more than 100 million captivated viewers, most advertisers will tell you that each of those dollars was well spent.

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