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♥Make Everyday Valentine’s Day♥

on February 12, 2016

TGIF! But not just any TGIF…this is the Friday of Valentine’s Day weekend and also the Friday before celebration of Presidents’ Day. The weekend will be jam packed with shoppers searching for just the right gift for those special persons in their lives while taking advantage of the last big sales of Winter.

Tradition surrounds the celebration of Valentine’s Day with emphasis placed on love encompassing this one special day. The history of Valentine’s Day is really quite interesting. Click HERE

BUT, there is a question that to this day still perplexes me: Why not make any day Valentine’s Day? Is it just the cards, flowers and gifts on this one day that make the heart truly sing? I don’t think so!

Think about it. Every day dawnings and twilights flaunt spectacular colors equal to the challenge of any prism. From delicate to blazing, butterscotch to psychedelic hues, watercolor palettes to brilliant pearlesent views. These are perfect times as nature’s paintbrush wisps through the clouds, over the horizon and across the seas. Can you see it?

Um-m-m-m? But what about the between hours? Are they not equally as poignant emoting feelings of glory where you actually feel the scent of fresh flowers? From the low, warm light of mornings and late afternoons to the mystics of the night time, all around you nature awakens, ever emerging, ever changing. Do you feel it?


Lights, sound, action! What a magnificent, anything but silent, motion picture right before your eyes—rumbles of distant thunder announcing a Springtime shower, the roaring of the ocean along the beach in Summer, the rustle of leaves in Autumn, the crunching of footfalls in the dry snow of Winter! Can you hear it? 


Breathe deeply! Inhale. Exhale. Slowly. Smell the rain along a dusty road, salty sea spray to raw ocean smells, smell of bayberry and cinnamon, the burning smell of a cozy open fire, sweet-smelling aroma of freshly baked bread or apple pie and so much more invite all to lift their heads and take a deep breath. What about the rose!  Do you smell it?

Enjoy the moment! Delight comes with candlelit dinners for two, double straws in a single vanilla float, cuisines of festivals with every crumb taste tested, gripping taste of hot cocoa around a blazing campfire, bittersweetness of the finest chocolates, the sweet taste of love in every kiss. Each moment. Every moment. Can you taste it?


Love is sharing whether by sight, feel, sound, smell or taste. Share with the one you love that in love, We Share the Same Dreams. . .

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One response to “♥Make Everyday Valentine’s Day♥

  1. I would love to… unfortunately I recently found out my boyfriend of 5 years has lied to me massively during this entire time… So, no Valentine’s Day for me anymore…

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