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‘Monday Tuesday’

Tuesday-MorningToday is Tuesday but it feels like a Monday. If I wish it were Friday (and the good genie granted my wish) then what would become of Wednesday and Thursday? Time goes by too fast as it is and definitely too precious to ever wish any day away. Time lost can never be regained. What a mess!

As for today, have you ever experienced a Monday on Tuesday? All the things that normally happen on a Monday have decided to show their ugly faces today. Maybe it is because yesterday, the Monday, was actually a pretty good day.


As time moves on, hopefully the ‘Monday’ in this Tuesday will be history! Could be worse, it could be raining! Is that thunder I hear in the distance?

Sophisticated-CatMaybe I should just drop everything and go get a manicure!

What kind of day are you having today? Have you ever experienced a ‘Monday Tuesday’?


The Power of Monday

Here we are at the beginning of a new week. Are you ready? Did you awaken this morning looking ahead to a week of smiles or frowning as you face a week of dread?

Regardless you must face the day & there is nothing you can do about it BUT…


Every Monday do you count the days until Friday arrives?

Think about it.

If you rush the week trying to get to Friday as quickly as possible, that only pushes you closer to the NEXT Monday!

Let’s change the tune of Monday…instead of it being Manic Monday, what are some ways of…

Here are my thoughts on this day as I face Monday…

Why did I get out of bed? Because my bones were aching …

Why did I smile? Because my husband woke up beside me!


Let the power of Monday set the tone for smiles, NOT frowns!

What is making your Monday MARVELOUS?


My Waffle Wedded Wife

What a great way to start a Monday…

This couple will cherish their video forever. If the bride’s laugh doesn’t start you laughing, you’ve lost your funny bone.

Do you have a memorable ‘wedding day’ event to share?

Touch of Catnip:



Puts a totally new perspective on the day designated as Monday!

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