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catnipoflife receives the Sunshine Blog Award

on May 8, 2012

ImageIt is indeed an honor to receive this award from Claire Cappetta, who is in the process of completing her first novel, Ride to LibertyA truly compelling story is about to be shared! In her own words, “Claire is a creative writer and has recently retired from the financial world to concentrate on the dream of publishing a first novel, which follows a woman’s journey through relationships, domestic abuse and empowerment. Although a difficult topic to cover the story is heartwarming.” Be sure to visit Claire’s blog for her 10 nominations for this award. All are inspiring and who knows which one might tug at your heartstrings:>)

Now, it is I who get to GIVE the award by paying it forward again to bloggers who inspire me and bring Sunshine into my  blogging life:



Miss Kate








May your week be blessed and filled with inspiration!

5 responses to “catnipoflife receives the Sunshine Blog Award

  1. tassalles says:


  2. Thanks so much for the Sunshine Award and I’ll pass it on!

  3. sandra305 says:

    Thanks again, Sharla, and you can check out the next 10 recipients on my new blog post at
    Have a Sunny day!

  4. […] with a wonderful blog where she features a selection of her verse. Be sure to visit her blog:  for her 10 nominations for this award. All are inspiring and who knows which one might tug at […]

  5. […] are Super Sweet but none are sour Others Very Inspiring any hour Many Shine On within the sunbeams All Part of the Family it seems When you are Tagged, You’re It! Quite an honor to admit Best […]

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