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Spirit of the Ladybug

on June 1, 2012

Whether you call them ladybugs, ladybirds, or lady beetles, what is it about this ‘bug’ that so lovingly captures our attention? After all, it is an insect! Oh, my, yes, but what an adorable little insect that can lovingly tickle the palm of our hand or lightly rest on your arm! Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenal tiny creature and its impact on life.

Did you know this tiny beetle is an emblem of good luck, links to spiritual ideals and carries a powerful message? With its tiny, short legs, transparent wings and brightly colored black, yellow or reddish markings, the ladybug fascinates us with her delicate and loving nature.


A Ladybug’s appearance often signals new happiness and a renewed sense of well being, worries will fade and higher goals will be attained. Some say if you count the spots on a ladybug they correspond with the number of wishes and gifts that will come to you in the future but take warning, hurt a ladybug and the spots show how many misfortunes await you. Ladybugs remind us there will always be opportunities to pursue and capture our dreams.


Inspiration for this post came in an email notification from Inspiration Import ~ Art & Words – Spirit & Soul – Create & Creations. What messages have you received from the ladybug? What stories do you have to share about the ladybug and how she touched your life?



18 responses to “Spirit of the Ladybug

  1. This is a beautiful creation, combining lovely photography and soothing music into a delightful experience. I enjoyed this post.

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  5. I have shared this on my Facebook Page (Inspiration Import) – So beautiful Sharla xx

  6. There are many Ladybugs in your future and mine. Stay warm.

  7. Your video/poem is inspirational!

  8. jenowenby says:

    I love ladybugs! Great post, thank you.

  9. coastalmom says:

    Loved this. I have the song playing in the background right now. Such a lovely little UP in my day! Thank you!

  10. says:

    Very sweet! Minus the misspelling of “messanger” it was enjoyed!

    • catnipoflife says:

      Well, I’ll be darn! No telling how many times I have read right over it. Must be a troublesome word anyway…it should be messenger! It may take awhile to correct and reload to youtube but it will be done. Thank you for stopping by catnip, especially for letting me know! I am quite the little perfectionist. 🙂

    • catnipoflife says:

      Thank you, Les! After all this time a misspelled word has been discovered in the video. UGH! And I read, read, re-read, re-read…of course, I know not to rely on my editing! Will get it corrected (eventually)!

  11. Yvonne says:

    When my Dad was dying of cancer I moved in with him for the last 6 months. Tenth floor, in a multi-storey flat. I could not sleep and smoked heavily during the night. One night I was so depressed. I looked down and a wee red ladybird was crawling on my leg. It was January and freezing outside. It gave me hope. My Dad died peacefully on the 6 April.

  12. btalma says:

    My Ladybug story… My wife passed a few months ago and it’s been pretty hard. I have recently read about the spirituality and confirmation that Ladybugs and Butterflies may bring to people of their loved ones that have gone Before them! After this past week I must agree that it is true!

    After my wife passed I was staightening out some of her Personal belongings and things.. I came across some of her writings to The Lord in which she expressed that she wanted to get better so that she could walk down the street with her family again.. I was saddened!!

    As the story goes.. On one particular day a week ago.. Me, our 6 year old son and 13 year old daughter went to play some basketball.. Whenever we do things together I always wonder if she can see her babies and if she is with us.. As we headed back and got into the car my daughter said “Daddy, there’s a Ladybug crawling up the front of your shirt… I thought Ok, coincedence right? 2 days later, me and my son were raking leaves, after a while I asked him did he want to go to the store.. As we walked Down the Street to the car my son was behind me and said, “Daddy, there’s a Ladybug on the back of your shoulder, I was outdone!! 2 more days later I had a contactor over at the house installing a storm door that was suppose to be put on before my wife passed.. She was so excited about her new door along with her Deck we were having built that also wasn’t finished before she passed away.. As the contractor was finishing the door which was looking real nice along with the newly built deck..I felt saddened.. As I began to think and wonder if she could observe her beautiful new deck and door.. Out of nowhere in this big outdoors a Ladybug Landed right on my face.. I was so so excited!! I guess the Ladybug landed on my face because this time no one was around to let me know that a Ladybug (she) was there so she had to make her self known!! Lol! It was Great!!

    3 Ladybugs landing on me in a week in November at 3 very particular times? No Coincidence!!

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