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Inspiration: Beauty and the Beast

on June 11, 2012

Beauty&BeastNO, not the fairy tale; YET, could there be a connection? Life is filled with wondrous beauty: Beauty is all around us – sights, sounds, and yes, even smells! But, so is the beast confronting us in many shapes, forms, and sizes. It may be buried in the heart, stored in the mind but not without light in the soul. Let’s take a look at the beast and the beauty to be found within.


Light from the Heart

Heartache manifests dispair. That is exactly what happened when the telephone rang and a quivering voice on the other end muttered, “He’s gone. His heart just gave out.”  The phone dangled from its cord as it slipped from my trembling hand. As though in shock, a stare into nowhere made time stand still. With tears descending without thoughts of ever stopping, visions of times together flashed through my mind as though I was turning the pages of the family album. Then, as quick as the ringing of the phone, the tears of sadness became tears of joy. He is home but not before leaving behind the reality of light always emanating  from my heart.



i’ll keep the light inside my heart
shining bright as the noonday sun
each day that passes will bring joy
as I see your face in your grandson


Light within the Mist

Fog slowly rolls in over the bay drawing cool moist air onto the coast. Dampness spreads a chill through the air causing goose bumps with hairs standing on end. A sea breeze hints of the cool freshness as tidal currents ebb in and out. Waves exploding on the rocks toss sea spray forward, backward, upward and outward, reflective of feelings that had been shuffled about and tossed aside. Standing on the edge of darkness, feeling cold and numb, life’s decision had to be made. Reality suddenly unfolds gleaming with inner light.

 bygone days of the sea dreamily subsist
as first light appears and the fog slowly lifts
reflections on a sunlit horizon
embrace the early morning mist


Light in the Darkness

The sun slowly slips beneath the horizon and you feel all alone as you look around the station. You just stepped off a bus as a ghostly mist of rain slowly descends upon the pavement. Eyelids blink away the tiny droplets revealing a shadowy figure in the distance. The beastly darkness obstructs your vision but not enough to block out the beautiful smile drawing nearer and nearer. Reality shimmers within thoughts of awaiting arms.

there‘s coldness in the dark
within a solitary place
but in the midst is hope
illuminating the space


“Hope is the greatest of the gifts we’ll receive.” – Beauty and the Beast

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