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on December 26, 2012

While just yesterday those of us of Christian faith celebrated the miracle of the virgin birth, today we all fall witness to the miracle of birth at any given moment somewhere across our planet as a new life begins.

UPDATE: It is December 28, 2012 and I just read the most remarkable post on The London Flower Lover!

Click Flowers for the little baby girl who was just born and you will ‘see’ what I mean!

Source of Inspiration


Will this baby
grow up surrounded
by love or war,
compassion or greed?
Will he learn kindness
or hate by his surroundings?
Will fear be his normality,
or will he reach for the stars?

We hold this child’s life
in our hands. What we do,
or do not do will be a
deciding factor. He is
our tomorrow.



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  2. Micki Peluso says:

    Wow, that was beautiful, but it made me nervous with submerging the baby under water so much. I guess it’s because I can’t stand my head neing under water after almost drowning once. The baby probably feels like he/she’s back in the womb.

  3. How great is that, we are in tune, what a gift, thank you for this generous sharing in so many ways!

  4. The video is not available for ne to see. As others can see it I am assuming its because I am in Scotland. Sometimes You tube restrict which countries things can be seen in

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