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Wildlife and Nature

on March 10, 2013

The epitome of catnip is the enjoyment of wildlife and nature – observed, listened to, embraced, breathed, and savored. A visit to Autumn Sunshine today unveiled breathtaking views of wildlife, nature and the great outdoors. As Autumn put it so graciously, “We need to take time and think about it, and thank Mother Nature!”

I encourage you to visit Autumn Sunshine for inspiration. She is a wonderful writer with a heart full of sunshine ready to lift your spirits and bring on a smile!

6 responses to “Wildlife and Nature

  1. pennycoho says:

    Beautiful and wonderful Sharla, and excellently relaxing for this Sunday afternoon!

  2. Thanks so much, Sharla 🙂

  3. bldodson says:

    We are now living in Sweden.
    Cats survived better than I did!
    Have been trying to post on blog… having some problems.


    • catnipoflife says:

      So-o-o-o good to hear from you! Glad to know you arrived safe! Can’t wait to read about your travel…I am sure you will have stories to tell. Foxie send purrs to Buckster 🙂

  4. Raani York says:

    How beautiful!! It’s really amazing and I re-published it on Google! Thanks for sharing!

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