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on July 22, 2013

Sometimes you read something and just know it needs to be shared. Diane Reed writes from the heart and in her own words, “In my lifetime, I have realized that a lesson is worth nothing unless you pass it on. My blog is a lot about learning lessons. Some I am still learning, some I would like to share with others.”

Visit Diane @The One Thing I know For Sure not only to read this post in its entirety [which you must read to the very end for that is where this life lesson lies] but also to peruse her many other writings: A soft place to fall, some poetry, some stories, some random thoughts but most of all a place that I hope blesses those who stop by.

To get the true perspective of this life lesson, be sure to read it on Diane’s blog!

The One Thing I know For Sure

I am but a vessel

that houses who I am


A symbol of the outside

where inside my soul lands

jumping in his arms

I’ll only love you if I really do

breaking up

won’t fake it if I don’t

holding hands over ears

my ears have believed

a thousand lies

closed eyes2

but my eyes…

well, they just won’t.

woman at the mirror

seems as if I’ve spent a lifetime

being someone

everyone wished I’d be

fake people quote

but suddenly

I’ve become

the most authentic

part of me!

my portfolio from the seventies

Diane Reed


Lately, I have done a lot of soul searching. Who are we really? I will tell you what I think. We are not the vessel we are wrapped up in. That is just a shell that carries us through out our journey. We are what is inside the package. A bunch of memories, joys, and tears, triumphs and mistakes, goals and dreams. A heart and soul and series of lessons learned. It is not what is…

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6 responses to “Just a VESSEL

  1. bobmielke says:

    This is absolutely refreshing & beautiful. It can be applied to just about everyone. It deals with all the racial prejudice and hatred issues at the same time. We are but vessels. Thanks for sharing this.

    • catnipoflife says:

      Thank you, Bob! so GOOD to ‘see’ you! I do hope you have given some second thought to your blog! I am in the midst of showcasing photography with some of my poetry. Much better than searching Google images plus it does make a personal connection. I want to include you and your photography. I don’t have any set schedule. Will you keep your blog up even if you do not post anything new?

      • bobmielke says:

        Yes. I’ve discovered in the short time I stopped that it’s me that needs to post. That gets me out and shooting. I rode my scooter over 200 miles today and came back with just two decent shots. That happens some day so no problem. I’ll be continuing to post.

      • catnipoflife says:

        YEA! 🙂 I will get back with you on the feature post!

  2. bldodson says:

    I can’t find the like button on this one??

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