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Awakenings: Way Back When

on October 24, 2014

Stepping back in time is fun . . . just plain and simple fun! Whether a teenager wanting to learn about the eras in which our parents grew up or the adult who wants to relive the memories, the nostalgia is an alluring invitation for a trip down Memory Lane.

More than likely at one time or another you have said, or heard someone else say the phrase way back when…. Its context could be in reference to good times or bad times but in either case reflects upon events of the distant past…a different year, decade or even a different era. Some folks refer to it as back in the day.

But, whose day? Before indoor plumbing? Before electricity? Before the phonograph? Before the automobile? Before radio? Before television? Before the cellphone, iPhone, iPad?


Let’s turn back time through the decades to the use of catch phrases. These are expressions used repeatedly until at some point in time they are replaced or simply have worn themselves out. Memory is not just about self so date not only yourself but also others…friends & family!
See which ones you remember and perhaps even still catch yourself saying today!


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One response to “Awakenings: Way Back When

  1. I left this same comment (more or less) on Awakenings. I don’t remember the past as simpler. Or better. It was less electronic, less technological. Simple is relative. It certainly wasn’t emotionally or intellectually simpler or easier.

    There WAS less noise, less buzzing, whirring, clicking, and beeping. I don’t know if that’s the same as simplerple.

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