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Awakenings: The Godfather of Soul

on October 25, 2014

Today in Music History: October 24, 1962

Within the music arena have been various kings and queens—Paul Whiteman,”The King of Jazz”; Benny Goodman, “The King of Swing”; B.B. King, “King of the Blues”; Elvis Presley, “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, Arethra Franklin, “Queen of Soul”; Mary J. Blige, “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul”; Koko Taylor, “Queen of the Blues” to name a few. The Sound of Soul also reverberates with an American funk/soul band, The Commodores, who was at its peak in the 70s. Every decade offers its own chapter of soul. Sam Cooke has been honored as the ‘King of Soul” but there is only one “Godfather of Soul”.


Georgia vocalist James Brown coined a frenzied style of choppy rhythms and jazzy horns, coupled with exaggerated dramatic behavior designed to attract attention. This along with a grotesquely choreographed performance was first documented on Live At The Apollo (1962).

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One response to “Awakenings: The Godfather of Soul

  1. Raani York says:

    I like a few James Brown songs, but I have to admit, I never liked him as a person… His music isn’t really mine… *sigh* (Sometimes I’m not really sure if it’s smart to admit something like this? Is it this bad to NOT like a legend?)

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