Observe life at its best, Listen to life’s songs, Embrace life’s bounties, Breathe the breath of life, Savor life to its fullest!

Thank you, Lesley, for recognizing Awakenings in your latest post. Lesley Fletcher is the author of 5 Pillars of the Gypsy. This is her newest book and contains both her unique art and inspiring verse. I encourage you to explore her blog. You definitely will come away with the desire to return for more!

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Leonardo da Vinci

The word ‘awakening’, in my humble opinion is sure to be the buzz word of 2013. The world events in 2012 gave many a rude awakening. Although these horrid events have happened for centuries all over the world, the fact that we are subjected to details quickly and accurately to the point of bombardment with thanks to social media and the Internet has left many reeling.
I counted the number of times during the normal process of my day that the word was contained in blog posts, articles, book titles, poems, magazines etc… and came up with an astounding 48 times in one week.
Now there are several ways to identify ‘awakenings’ both in the spiritual sense and in the common sense areas. Some people need a super dose in the common sense area but I am comfortable letting Karma take care of them. In the spiritual sense…

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Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra Flash Mob


Even though I have already posted for the day, who says you cannot post again? There are no rules (except the awards, of course) in the blogosphere. When I saw this on Alastair’s Blog, I knew exactly what its next destination would be…is this not perfectly exemplary of catnipoflife? Doesn’t it represent the epitome of catnip? Observe life at its best, listen to life’s songs, embrace life’s bounties, breathe the breath of life and savor life to its fullest!

Of course, you have to go to Alastair’s Blog to listen to the beautiful music and watch the people’s faces!


While just yesterday those of us of Christian faith celebrated the miracle of the virgin birth, today we all fall witness to the miracle of birth at any given moment somewhere across our planet as a new life begins.

UPDATE: It is December 28, 2012 and I just read the most remarkable post on The London Flower Lover!

Click Flowers for the little baby girl who was just born and you will ‘see’ what I mean!

Source of Inspiration


Will this baby
grow up surrounded
by love or war,
compassion or greed?
Will he learn kindness
or hate by his surroundings?
Will fear be his normality,
or will he reach for the stars?

We hold this child’s life
in our hands. What we do,
or do not do will be a
deciding factor. He is
our tomorrow.



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I Can’t Believe We Made It. . .

ITS THE TRUTH and WE SURVIVED! I know because I am one of them, are you?
 Were you born 1930 – 1979?


I’m not one of those people who romanticizes the 1950s, but there are some truths worth remembering and revisiting.

I grew up in a very different world. Play meant using imagination. It mean physical activity. Jump rope, hide and seek, tag, Stick ball (no one owned a real bat). Stoop ball, jacks. Building a “fort” or climbing a tree. Cowboys and indians. Toys were simple, not electronic. Getting a new doll was a real thrill. She never needed a reboot, unless you count having to find her lost shoe.

If you were having a hard time with the bullies in school, you got up, got dressed and went to school. It didn’t mean you weren’t scared. I was plenty scared. It simply wasn’t a parent problem … it was mine. Yours. Ours.

Marilyn - Senior YearYou didn’t get a lot of pats on the back for “trying hard.” You might get an “attaboy”…

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Message of Inspiration

This is a message of inspiration…a message of unconditional love! Thank you, Raani, for sharing on your blog so its message can hopefully be reblogged, reblogged, and reblogged many, many more times.


One of the most wonderful perks of blogging is the ability to reblog. I do hope you enjoyed the poetic writing presented by Diane as much as I did. It certainly made me think about my own experiences and lessons learned. . .What about you?

The One Thing I know For Sure

If I could do it all again

would I make the same mistakes?

Would I bypass all the times

when I knew  my heart would break?

Would I still fall in love

with the father of my kids?

Would I do the dumb things

I remember that I did?

If I could go back,

and undo everything I’ve done…

Would I trade it all

to once again be young?

It is a tempting question,

to consider what I’d do,

to be able to wipe the slate clean,

To undo the things I wish I didn’t do…

And yet, I have to wonder

what the trade off would have to be

if I undid my life…

And could re-invent the one called “me

Even with all I now know…

and the lessons I have learned~

The “Do Over” I could have,

and the places I’d return,

I would still…

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Test: Are You Ready for Parenthood?

Test: Are You Ready for Parenthood?

This is a reblog from Lady Lovely Blogger who reblogged it from Uwana. This is probably one of the most hilarious take-offs on parenthood I have ever read! Get ready to laugh OUT LOUD!

14 steps to follow before you have children…

Image courtesy of africa /


This is another of those times that nothing else need be said. The music is Enya…OUTSTANDING! Thank you, Penny, for another wonderfully inspiring post!

The Why About This

It is one Thing to learn and know a lesson.

Quite another thing to “Use it!” ~ Penny L. Howe




We have so much potential – each and every single one of us on this planet of ours. Please listen to your heart,. Grow and learn, share and LOVE!

~ Penny

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Awakenings: Carnival Charisma

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Summer – gone! September – gone! October – gone! Here we are in November and the elections are over! Happiness for some, disappointment for others but hopefully the future holds ambitions for all based upon American values. Before venturing ahead, let’s step back to a moment in time that is filled with possibly the fondest of childhood memories. . .

Memoires on

The Carousel

On a late fall Saturday afternoon
Straight out of a child’s dream
Young and old, mystified and amazed
Watched hundreds of lights beam

Smiles and laughter the carnival enthused
Stretching back time to the first carousel
Sounds emitted of familiar organ tunes
Permeated the air like a magic spell

 Thirty-two hand-painted horses
Two chariots and four love seats
Ornately decorated and trimmed in brass
Synchronized movements to the off-tone beats

Metal gears, joints and jumping poles
Created fascination beyond measure
How surprising one would pay someone a nickel
To ride a wooden horse in circles for pleasure

 Freedom enjoyed on carnival day
Made the carousel part of timeless traditions
 Its ride connected the past to the present
Laying the foundation for future generations


 ©2009 Remembering
Sharla Lee Shults




Puts a totally new perspective on the day designated as Monday!

A Pondering Mind

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