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Touch of Catnip: The Gift of Cat

I had this post ready yesterday but decided to save it for this morning. What a surprise when I received a message from Sunni @Surviving Life My Cats. She wrote an article in response to my FWF post. You need to stop by her blog for there is true inspiration to be gathered from her posting. The season is indeed wrapped in the spirit of giving!

Meow-y Christmas!

What a purr-r-r-fect thought
Nothing better than that
Soft, cuddly, loving
The gift of cat!


Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

With the Christmas season comes shopping and hopes of selecting just the right gift, as well as receiving the right gift. The thoughts on behalf of the giver are not necessarily synonymous with the thoughts of the receiver. Of course, ’tis the season to be jolly, enjoying the humor, but foremost being thankful…even if the gift is not what you wanted or expected.

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The Regifter

Of course, not in the picture is the obvious regift. While one might initially be delighted to get an elegant Italian dress shirt, beware. There may be initials monogrammed on the cuff gone totally unnoticed since it had never been taken out of the box and unfolded. Priceless? I would use a different descriptor. Thoughtless.

The Statement Maker

In a bizarre twist on the regift, a husband gave his wife the same Gucci purse — literally the same exact purse — two years in a row.

Wife: “I loved that purse, it was the best gift I’d ever gotten. I loved it so much I didn’t want to use it because I had two small kids and you know, it would get dirty,”

Husband: “Sure I rewrapped the purse and gave it to her again. Since she hadn’t used it, heck I thought I might as well just give it to her again — now maybe this year she’ll use it.”

The Non-Gift

We have all seen the ads of the car with the big red bow. I suppose there are actually those who gift a car for Christmas. A bit of caution here: One husband did. More than likely the idea came from one of the eye-catching ads. That big red bow did look pretty cool. Turned out it wasn’t anywhere near a perfect GIFT. The wife is still making payments of the Christmas gift they BOTH drive. Is he always this dense? Maybe it was that darn bow!

What’s the worst gift you have ever received? Better yet, have you surprised someone with a ‘trick’ gift that was awful?


Writing: Gift or Curse?

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Have you ever experienced sleepness nights where you are caught between dreams and reality? Your mind is spinning as thoughts weave in and out filling the crevices of your mind.

Have you ever thought about writing being a curse, as well as a gift? Recently I was contacted by a fellow writer, Ron Lemco. Ron has published a compelling book, Rest Stop, that is scary in a sense because it could happen in real life – in fact, it DID happen. While the language is rough, the way difficult, the result frightening, the way I look at it, it’s life! Reading his book left me with the impression that I might not want to take advantage of the convenient ‘rest stop’ on my next vacation.

He shared with me a writing that definitely got me thinking about the writer’s world being both, a gift and a curse.

by Ron Lemco

A thought about what a person is writing enters into his head.
It becomes a vision and then, like magic, he begins to see a dialog.
He is trying to sleep but words are escalating taking control.

Jumping from his bed he writes notes he needs to contain.
All too often an image is lost and recollection is not the same.
Notes no longer satisfy the thoughts that must be transposed.

After a fix here, a fix there, he climbs back in bed. . .
One thousand words later.

Share your thoughts…have you experienced The Writers’ Curse?


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