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Funny Cats

on May 19, 2012

Since I have titled this blog catnipoflife what could be more appropriate than beginning the day with Funny Cats. We can quip all day about their antics, find hundreds (perhaps thousands) of quotes and last, but not least, know the cat provides the best ‘antidote‘ for a bad day. [Yes, I know I said antidote, instead of anecdote. It fits! THE cat can counteract or neutralize any unpleasant feeling or situation.]

                       If you love cats, smile! (You are their protector, defender and friend.)

If you don’t, smile for those who do! (They are the ones who protect, defend and befriend.)

The point is. . .Think about all the quips, quotes, antidotes (anecdotes, if your prefer) and

                                 Smile the whole day through.


6 responses to “Funny Cats

  1. Claire Cappetta says:

    Love the post! And my cat, Freya even though she thinks shes a dog;)

    • catnipoflife says:

      Um-m-m-m? Does she did holes in the yard, ‘bark’ all night long, chew Hubby’s shoes, slobber on the couch, take you for a walk daily, stick her nose in every visitors’ crotch OR does she curl up in the cool dirt of the hole the dog dug, purr softly, hug you around the ankles, lie on the toes or perhaps inside your shoes, catnap on the couch while you go for your walk, rub against the ankles of your visitors? I think I will stay with a cat that knows she is a cat. meow-meow-meow

      • Claire Cappetta says:

        She wants to dig a hole in recliner rather than the scratching mat, she just uses that to get high!
        She races to the door when someone comes and meows like crazy. Yes she chew hubbys and only his for some strange reason! 🙂
        Don’t ever let her hug your ankles feigning affection because 2 seconds in the claws come out. I was late feeding her one evening last week, deciding instead to take a break and sit on the sofa having coffee with hubby. To which she jumped up sat next to me, leaned forward and growled at me! a low growl!! She’ll jump on the bed in a morning to see if I’m sleeping or dead, resting her nose on mine. I swear she’s thinking “If you’re dead then you’ll do for breakfast instead of Friskies”
        People have often mistaken her for a dog too, so I know I’m not crazy! lol 🙂

  2. catnipoflife says:

    OMG, Claire, she DOES think she is a dog! :>)

  3. catnipoflife says:

    Your site is GREAT! How did you find catnip? Follow you, follow me? What do you think?

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