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on July 4, 2012

A Tribute to America with Patriotic Music

July 4, 1776


America FOUGHT, America WON!

12 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!

  1. Thanks to all the brave men and women who fought to keep America free. May God bless each and everyone! Happy Holiday!

  2. pennycoho says:

    I an delighted to have found your blog. The poetry in your words, the beauty and thoughtfulness in your photo’s and visuals delightful! I look forward to following you!

  3. Hi there. Thanks for your comments on my blog and I love yours. The color, layout and your comments. Happy 4th to you df.

  4. Peggy Strack says:

    Happy Fourth to you too!!!

  5. brendafraser says:

    I nominated you for the lovely blog award congratulations and nice site! You can see the rules here;

  6. Happy Birthday America and may we continue to support the values deemed so important by our founders!

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