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A Touch of Catnip

on August 23, 2012

How time does fly! Hard to believe it has already been two weeks since I posted the first Touch of Catnip. What is so cool about blogging is the massiveness of the blogosphere. Even word searches can sometimes lead you to information, quips, quotes, antidotes, tales of passion and woe, short stories, pictures, video clips and the list goes on.  Today’s touch of catnip is two video clips located via an Internet search for ‘cats on catnip’ images. Hope you enjoy the cat antics!


Catnip Facts

Did you know. . .

~ catnip is a herb in the mint family?
~ a cat’s response to catnip is genetically determined, a magic gene?
~ catnip is a native of Europe?
~ catnip stops termites in their tracks, even kills them?
~ even some of the ‘big cats’ react to catnip?


Any catnip trivia of your own?

What are your thoughts?

27 responses to “A Touch of Catnip

  1. bldodson says:

    My cat throws up when I give him catnip.
    Can’t hold his drugs!

  2. We actually have a variation of catnip growing in our yard (a gift from one of our daughters who has 5 cats). Our current cat TAG could care less about catnip, but then he thinks he’s a dog, so that probably accounts for distaste for catnip. Great post!

  3. lgyslaine says:

    My cat lives in total freedom, so I did not have this problem. He eats grass he wants

  4. yalandarose says:

    i’ve learned so much from my blogging experience, including learning that catnip was an actual word! talk about being sheltered:)

  5. Sunni Morris says:

    I knew most of that about catnip, but it’s still nice to read about anything cat related. I tried to grow catnip once but every cat in the neighborhood found it, so that didn’t work out too well. Of course they ate it to the ground in no time.

    Most of my cats have gone wild for it and then get that glazed look in their eyes afterwards. Sometimes I make them catnip filled toys to put in their stockings at Christmas.

    • catnipoflife says:

      Thanks, Sunni! Always great when you stop by and comment for I know you are an AVID cat lover:>) We have a scratching pad that looks like an Egyptian chaise lounge that we sprinkle with catnip. It is so funny watching both cats rub, rub, rub in the catnip and then collapse in sheer contentment!

  6. I’ve always supposed that catnip was the catty equivalent of marijuana…but never having tried either ( I know that’s another of life’s mysteries I’ve missed out on) I can only suppose that its like pethidine – now there’s my drug of choice if I can’t have laughing gas….

    • catnipoflife says:

      So funny, Val. When I first started blogging, the title of a future volume of poetry was titled Catnip ~ High on Life. The more I thought about it, the more I feared it directed itself toward marijuana [I’ve missed out on that one, too LOL:>)]. Thus, the name change to catnipoflife.

  7. Teepee12 says:

    Our cat “Big Guy” used to eat it. Chow down, then he’d get the munchies and hit the food dish with a vengeance. It was hilarious.

  8. Micki Peluso says:

    My tomcat, Toby reacts to valarrian, a herb, the same way as catnip. He rolls in ectasy in the smell of the herb.Makes me wonder how he’d act if he ate it!! No, no, I wouldn’t do that to him. Just tempted.

  9. I don’t know much about cats but my Sandy loves the Rosemary and Peppermint. Walks through them with every chance she gets! Thanks for this post.

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