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The JOYS of Parenthood

There are mornings when I simply DREAD opening email…

I DON’T want to go there…

I know hundreds of messages are screaming OPEN ME!

In spite of the dread, I sign in and voila!

The delete feature sizzles as I delete, delete, delete in rapid succession all the while wondering , “Did I just delete something important…a message that I NEEDED to read…an inspiration for my next write?” Oh, dear! Can’t worry about that now OR should I check the trash before deleting permanently?

NO WAY! That thought escapes my mind as quickly as it entered, maybe even quicker! Let them go and move on! A swift wipe of the brow and I do just that…

Until this catches my eye. . .


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Now, tell me which one made you laugh the hardest, the loudest…completely and totally out loud?


Life is Full of Surprises…

…with a little craziness tossed into the mix!

Which is your favorite?


Laughing at Yourself


Life is a Journey

Today I needed a memory jog
I looked for the ice cream
And found a peanut log

Candy in the freezer? Okay
Certainly not a BAD idea
Ice cream in the candy jar, NO WAY!

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride
Laugh at yourself, take it all in stride

Laughing is just good for the soul. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then how can you expect others to laugh along with you? As I get older, I have to laugh at the ‘silly’ things I do sometimes without even thinking – putting the milk in the panty and the cereal in the fridge, thinking one thing and saying another, calling my own phone number, driving to the grocery store and realizing I am at the post office.

I can’t help but laugh – literally LOL! That’s right, laugh out loud! So hard, my sides hurt! I just stand there, look at what I am about to do or where I am instead of where I am suppose to be and just totally burst out laughing!

Someone once said doing such crazy things was a sign of old age. Most of the time it is simply a case of just too much mental clutter! It’s the day I go to the pantry and find the milk that has been there for several days that worries me! That would mean all the things that should have gone into the pantry are now…um-m-m-m? Where is the bag of potato chips? Peanut butter, where are you? Is that the sour cream I spy in the corner?

What about you? Have you experienced any “I can’t believe I did that!” moments?

“Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves.”
~Queen Victoria


A Touch of Catnip

How time does fly! Hard to believe it has already been two weeks since I posted the first Touch of Catnip. What is so cool about blogging is the massiveness of the blogosphere. Even word searches can sometimes lead you to information, quips, quotes, antidotes, tales of passion and woe, short stories, pictures, video clips and the list goes on.  Today’s touch of catnip is two video clips located via an Internet search for ‘cats on catnip’ images. Hope you enjoy the cat antics!


Catnip Facts

Did you know. . .

~ catnip is a herb in the mint family?
~ a cat’s response to catnip is genetically determined, a magic gene?
~ catnip is a native of Europe?
~ catnip stops termites in their tracks, even kills them?
~ even some of the ‘big cats’ react to catnip?


Any catnip trivia of your own?

What are your thoughts?


10 Cutest Cat Moments

Of course, you know I could not stop with only one ‘cat moment’ posting. Here is another and a great way to end the evening or begin a new day with smiles and laughter (depending upon whether you read this tonight or in the morning)!

Smiles to you yesterday, today and tomorrow:>)


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