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on October 20, 2012

More to follow from Buckminster & Amber ~ Bruce Louis Dodson, On Leaving America


News Flash!

It’s happened again! I can’t believe this! I knew what was coming up. I saw the prison boxes come out. Amber’s is canvas, black with two small meshed windows, sort of like a burka. Mine is plastic with chrome steel bars across the top. They know I can fight my way out of a paper bag so they’re playing it safe. I was also playing it safe. The best place I could find to hide was behind the big easy chair in the living room. I was fun watching the humans look for me. Where’s Bucky? Bucky . . . Here kitty kitty. Forget about it!

They nabbed Amber pretty easy. I could tell she was confused. She’d been upstairs and hadn’t seen the prison boxes. Then they found me. I made a run for it but got chased down . . . took both of them. Bipods…

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  1. Teepee12 says:

    Ah cats. I do miss them.

  2. brilliant isn’t it – I’ve asked Bruce to keep ’em coming!!!!

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