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Inspiration from Bubbles?

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Remember blowing bubbles. . .blowing bubbles as a kid or like a kid as you grew older? Summer wasn’t summer without the chance to blow bubbles. . .an experience unbeatable at the time, totally priceless.

Watching bubbles became somewhat invigorating as each floated effortlessly through the air disappating slowly ’til no more. BUT, wait! That was not all to the view: there was always a rainbow show!

With the performance of the tiny bubbles sometimes one bubble would stike another knocking it out of its way as it continued to soar onward and outward. Sometimes one bubble clinged to another bubble as though locked in time and space. Then, of course, there would always be this one bubble that became so big it appeared to have swallowed others whole! That was the one sought after the most as you looked toward the sky and blew and blew and blew.

Thanks again, to my friend, Don in Massachusetts, this memory was recently challenged by the largest bubble I have ever seen.

Have you ever seen one this BIG-G-G-G-G?

What are your memories of blowing bubbles?


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