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Awakenings: Let’s Talk Chicken!

on May 1, 2013

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After being in the ER with my husband from 3AM to 5AM this morning, I find myself in rare form. Ever been so tired you become ‘punchy’? Everything you see, everything you say seems funny & you laugh at the silliest things almost to the point of hysteria like running on high from too much caffeine. That’s me today and would you believe it led to the conversation topic – chicken.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

I know what you are thinking…why chicken? I say, Why not chicken? buck,buck,,,,, buck,,, buckAHHHH; brrk, brroock, broock, brk-ooock; bwwaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk and bock,bock,bock,bock,bock,begowwwwk!

Just a bit of humor from Awakenings!

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20 responses to “Awakenings: Let’s Talk Chicken!

  1. curtisclontz says:

    Its only more funny with the mental picture I have of a stranger in the ER suddenly clucking and strutting like a chicken across the waiting room.

  2. I’d like an eight piece bucket, of the Colonel’s original recipe, plus mashed potatoes and biscuits… 😀

  3. RoSy says:

    Sometimes emotion overload does that. I know…What can we do?
    It could be your body’s natural way of releasing stress too.
    Hope the day got better for you & your husband.

  4. hope all is better with the hubs, it is a rough journey that is for sure. I am sending up prayers.
    CHICKEN? REALLY? For some reason I see you as a Banty, strutting and BUSY all the time, and what better way to be 🙂

  5. Sounds like tough times, Sharla,… don’t know how you keep going and keep us all amused… courage and gutsiness I suppose – I salute you XXX

  6. Carole McKee says:

    Sharla! I love it! My kitchen has a rooster motif. I am crazy about chickens and roosters.

  7. Cock a doodle dooooo 🙂

  8. Raani York says:

    You know how much I like that blog post. *grin*

  9. Chris says:

    Sharla here is a true story for Mother’s Day. I hope you get a chuckle.

    Mother’s Day was coming and I always love getting hand made cards from my hubby Ron. I have always felt there was so much more love in a hand made card versus a store bought one. Ron was not great at writing love poems in mine, but he always came up with a quote that was loving and appropriate.

    My daughter Christine was going to be on her own for the first time since being newly divorced. Shandra her daughter was too young to do anything for her so I thought I would. I thought since I write poetry and know how to use the computer program to make the cards I would try it. I wrote the perfect poem. Not mushy or generic but something that would give her a much needed lift.

    I painted her a picture of wild roses on a jacket that she had requested as a gift. I used that picture on the front of her card. After picking out the best font for the poem, I printed it and sealed it in an envelope that I also made. On the front of the envelope, I hand printed ‘To My Wonderful Daughter’ in calligraphy.

    Her father and I then invited her and our wonderful granddaughter over for brunch. After brunch, we exchanged cards. I was so proud. I just knew she would love the card as much as she did her painted jacket.

    I had a huge smile on my face as she opened it. I winked at Ron who gave me the thumbs up. All of a sudden, Christine started to laugh. She was laughing so hard she could not speak. Perplexed I took the card from her and read,” I know I’m not your mother.” Need I say more? Not a Mother’s Day passes that she doesn’t remind me of my special Mother’s Day card that only ‘her mother’ could have written. Ron just rolls his eyes and shook his head.

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