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on October 16, 2012

More to follow from Buckminster & Amber ~ Bruce Louis Dodson, On Leaving America


To tell the truth I’m really not that in to writing. It’s too much like work. I don’t do work. I might chase a mouse or swat a fly now and again, but that’s about it. Of course I spend a lot of time preening. A girl’s got to take care of herself or no one else will, and I want to be taken care of. I was born to be taken care of. That reminds me, I should to have my nails done this week. Buckminster hates to have his nails cut. You need to have sharp nails to climb trees, he tells me. Right. Like I want to climb trees.

The State of the Street

There’s a neighbor cat, a street cat really. Tom, his people call him when he’s late for dinner which is fairly often. He spends most of his day chasing birds and comes…

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  1. bldodson says:

    Thanks Sharla.
    How do you do this re-blog trick?
    Perhaps I could do some of yours?

    • catnipoflife says:

      Hi, Bruce. You will need to use your WordPress blogsite. On any WordPress site, click the title of the post to access that page. Then, look at the top menu bar. You should see the name of the site on the far left. Move right along the bar and you will see Reblog. Click this link and a drop down box will appear. You blogsite should appear in the box Post to. You can post additional comments, but that is purely optional. Let me know if this helps:>)

  2. Sharla,

    I love these reblogs from Bruce’s blog. Those cats are precious. I’m on Blogspot but I may try it and see if it works there.

    I’ve been gone to OR to see my husband’s dad and just got back – trying to catch up on everything. His dad will be 94 in Dec.


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